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Glitter Simple Syrup

Glitter Simple Syrup

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These 16 fl oz glass bottles contain your newest best seller. It is a rich simple syrup infused with FDA-approved edible glitter. The glitter swirls around the bottles and will make a great addition to everyone's cocktail cart or coffee station. It's great with cocktail, mocktails, iced tea, hot tea, coffee, and more. Customers will love the sparkles and will pick some up for their own use and some as a gift. Because this is a rich simple syrup (i.e., two parts sugar to one part water) customers will get a lot of bang for their buck - as with all Wood Stove Kitchen products! In addition, the thickness of the syrup means that the glitter stays suspended and sparkly for hours or even days!

• Alcohol by volume: 0% • Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Water, Edible Glitter, Malic Acid • Shelf life: 12–24 months

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